Basic Obedience

Basic obedience training is strongly recommended for your Siberian as their natural independent tendencies must be balanced by your need to maintain control of your dog in a happy relationship at home and in public places. Walking comfortably on the leash (heeling) coming when called, and obeying basic commands is extremely important, and valuable for correct behavior in the show ring. A dog which doesn't respect or take notice of his owner is one which can potentially cause great difficulty for his owner as he matures. A disobedient puppy has a good chance of developing into an unco-operative adult who has learnt to take advantage of his owner.

Even basic obedience training (often the most essential), is best taught under the guidance of proper obedience trainers, either in a club, or in a one to one situation. Such training is preferably done at an early age when it is most effective and before bad habits have had a chance to develop. We recommend at least some form of formal training as this ensures that the correct training techniques are followed.


For problems such as chewing, digging, excessive jumping etc., firm, gentle discipline is required and it is only effective when such behaviour is directly observed. Adequate exercise and attention should minimise boredom and therefore help control the naughty behavior which often results from it. In addition to this, teething puppies (between 16 and 24 weeks) or even adult dogs' may have a need or desire to chew. In such cases, the dog may benefit from the addition of a safe, chewable object such as a raw-hide, nyla-bone, or natural bone (refer to the diet section for the correct bones to give your dog). These bones must be an appropriate size and the former types can be purchased from most pet shops. A bone is preferable to a 'doggy' toy as these are often too small for huskies and can be ripped apart into pieces which may get stuck in your dog's throat or cause a blockage in their digestive system. Alternatively, a ball of sufficient strength and/or size often makes for a safe, enjoyable toy to play with or chew on.

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