Grooming is essential for keeping your dog's skin and coat healthy, and it also serves to build a relationship between you and your dog. Ideally, grooming should become an enjoyable routine, and it is also a good time to check on your dog's ears, eyes, teeth, feet, and length of toenails etc. A steel comb and brush are recommended, and these must be capable of removing dead hair yet gentle enough so they won't scrape the skin. Thorough brushing will be especially important at those times when your Siberian is shedding, or dropping his coat.

Bathing should also be done on a regular basis, especially when showing your Siberian, although only products suitable for dogs should be used as other products may be harmful to their skin. Many grooming products are available in local pet shops or at the Showgrounds in the All Breeds Dog Shop. If you are in doubt as to what is the best shampoo etc. to use you may wish to ask the advice of other Husky owners or to have the local grooming parlour recommend a product or products best suited to our breed. Some people prefer to use shampoo for dogs with white coats in order to brighten their husky; some like to use a conditioner in conjunction with a shampoo as an extra softening agent; and it is just a matter of personal preference and experimentation to find out what suits your dog's particular needs, and what brings the best results for you. In addition to the regular products, flea control products may be used such as a flea control shampoo or rinse (please refer to the section entitled flea control). Regardless of the product used, flea control or otherwise, they should always be used carefully and only according to the instructions.

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