House Training

Puppies need to relieve themselves frequently and they do not have full control of their bladders. It is therefore necessary to be patient with your dog during this period of housetraining. if your puppy remains inside during the night, remember to lay down paper for him and to take him outside to the same spot first thing in the morning, after every meal, last thing at night before he goes to bed and whenever he gets exited or nervous.

To toilet train your dog you must try to anticipate when he wants to relieve himself, for example, he may become agitated, sniff the ground, or become generally restless. On such occasions, having let him out you notice he relieves himself, you should praise him for doing so. If your dog does have an accident in the house, and in your presence, never rub his nose in it or punish him for it. Rather, he should be told "NO" firmly, and taken outside to the preferred spot immediately. The soiled area must be cleaned and treated with deodorant or disinfectant to remove the smell and deter him from using the same spot again.

If your puppy relieves himself whilst out with you on a walk, encourage him to use the gutter, praise him and clean up after him.

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