Introducing Your Puppy to His New Home

When you first bring your pup home, handle him gently as he is likely to be rather bewildered by his new surroundings and it is only natural for him to miss his mother and litter mates. Let him investigate his new home fully as he must be able to feel comfortable with you. Introduce him to his bed for the night which should be cozy and not too isolated for the first night because he is not used to being totally alone. However, do not let him sleep with you if you wish him to eventually sleep outside as you will have dreadful trouble on the second night when you introduce him to his permanent sleeping arrangements. A spot in the laundry perhaps, with paper on the floor, and a covered, ticking clock, and warm blanket in a box or basket to simulate his mother's presence. He will quite likely whimper or cry when left alone for these first few nights but try to restrain yourself from running to his side because this will set habits in motion and only prolong the settling in process.

Be prepared for his arrival, with plenty of paper, sleeping arrangements, such as a box, basket, or kennel etc.: food and water bowls, collar and lead if desired and sufficient food for him. Try to find out what he was fed before he came to you and start him off on a similar diet because a sudden change or diet added to the upset of a new home will disturb his stomach and most likely cause diarrhoea. If you intend to change his diet do this gradually.

It is also advisable that you obtain information from the breeder regarding his present worming and vaccination status, ideally this should comprise of a certificate or statement showing when he was last done and when he is due to be done again. Such information is best kept together in a folder so you can arrange for this to be continued. If you wish to have your dog on a calcium supplement find out from the breeder what if any he has been on to date, and consult your vet about extending this. This is also a good time to find out about exercising, socialising and training your dog.

General care and your Siberian Bedding