Dog Details
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  2. Active
  4. Sylar
  5. Male (Neutered)
  7. Yes Australian Bred
  11. Yes Siberian Husky
  12. No Competes in dog shows
  13. Yes Competes in sled dog events
  14. Steven Flaviano & Keri James
Dog Profile
Woof. My name is Sylar and I'm very good looking. I'm nearly 3yrs old and I like to run and be patted. I have LOADS of energy and I can be quite stubborn but I'm slowly learning that people prefer pups who can be trusted not to tear the couch cushions to pieces! I love going on long walks and having puppy play dates. Woof.
Show Placings
Note that only breed results for SHCV Inc. Point Score shows since 2007 are recorded.
Race Placings
Note that only results for SHCV Inc. Social Sledding races since 2004 are recorded.

Dog profile last modified: 03/11/2011