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  1. Arctichaven Mcirns Dream
  2. 3100192821
  3. Atka
  4. Deceased
  5. Female (Speyed)
  6. 06 Oct 2007
  7. Yes Australian Bred
  8. Arctichaven Shogun Lodge
  9. Arctichaven Free Spirit
  10. Wolf grey, blue eyes
  11. Yes Siberian Husky
  12. No Competes in dog shows
  13. No Competes in sled dog events
  14. Robert Houston & Thomas Sommer
  15. Arctichaven kennels
Dog Profile
A true Princess who finally after a few years of searching has finally found her soulmate in Maxx. As beautiful as you are, you are as crazy as a Husky can be and as unusual to so many other Huskies in your behaviour. We are so glad to have found you and to rescue you from your old home. The love you have given us is beyond words.
We miss you more then words can say. After a short cruel Illness your sweet loving little Heart stopped beating 23 of February 2017. One day we will all be together again in a different Place. You were a good friend. Thank you for the Time we were allowed to spend with you.
Show Placings
Note that only SHCV Inc. conformation shows since 2000 are recorded.
Race Placings
Note that only results for SHCV Inc. Social Sledding races since 2004 are recorded.

Dog profile last modified: 27/02/2017