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Richard and Mara Herba raise and train our Siberian Huskies on a country property about 60 kms from Canberra. We enjoy our "piece of the Australian bush" at Mikulov. We like the breed's striking wolf-like appearance and unique characteristics which have really endeared us to them since we bought our first Siberian pup in 1988. This was a grey female, who grew up to be Australian Champion Chukchii Glacier Girl ET.

As well as taking dogs to conformation Shows, we train and participate in dog sports such as Endurance Testing, Obedience, Agility, Flyball, Dances With Dogs and from January 2012, Rally O. We are proud to have bred, trained and loved the first Siberian Huskies in Australia with Flyball Titles (Patches) and with Dances With Dogs and Heelwork To Music titles (Taxi).

Yes we do place puppies, when available, in suitable show or pet homes. Contact us with your puppy enquiries and questions.

We also occasionally have an adult show champion needing a retirement home. These dogs are usually 2 to 4 years old and are obedience trained.

We are active in Husky Rescue as it seems unbelievable to us that dogs are sold to unsuitable people and then end up in Council Dog Pounds - where our Group reprieves them from euthanasia, and then fosters and rehabilitates these sad dogs before finding new homes. If you are looking for an older dog (you don't want to go through the puppy stages) please check out the dogs in need pictures on our Web Site. We have been doing this since 1990 - pictures of most of these lucky dogs are on our Web Site.
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  • Mikulov A Moment With You
  • Mikulov Adding Brightness
  • Mikulov Amay Zing Mikki
  • Mikulov Amy Montana
  • Mikulov Anyhow
  • Mikulov Back On Track
  • Mikulov Bail Me Out
  • Mikulov Band On The Run E.T.
  • Mikulov Baskin Robbins
  • Mikulov Bat Outof Hell
  • Mikulov Baylion
  • Mikulov Beam Me Up
  • Mikulov Believe It
  • Mikulov Black Mail
  • Mikulov Blackamoor
  • Mikulov Bogong Shadow
  • Mikulov Bottoms Up
  • Mikulov Bright Pheenixx
  • Mikulov Casino Royale
  • Mikulov Chazell
  • Mikulov Chick Magnet
  • Mikulov Chinook Firenice
  • Mikulov Chunka Sparkling Ice
  • Mikulov Cinder Wolf
  • Mikulov Classy Jessie
  • Mikulov Clint
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Clint E.T.
  • Mikulov Clint / Mikulov Magic Bullet
  • Mikulov Coming Up Roses
  • Mikulov Cool Cruiser
  • Mikulov Cool Hand Luke
  • Mikulov Count Navarre
  • Mikulov Dee Barmaid
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Delaware Ghost E.T.
  • Mikulov Dunkin Donut
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Earl Grey C.D. E.T.
  • Mikulov Ebony And Ivory
  • Mikulov Echo Of Apollo
  • Mikulov Elusive Element E.T.
  • Aust Ch Mikulov Etched In Frost RN ET DWDF.S - River
  • Mikulov Etched In Ice
  • Mikulov Fast Draw
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Fire In The Sky E.T.
  • Aust. Grand Ch. Mikulov Fire In The Sky E.T.
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Fire On The Snow C.D. E.T.
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Flaming Arrow
  • Mikulov Flying Solo
  • Mikulov Footloose Doll E.T.
  • Neuter Ch Mikulov Frock Star ET - Nova
  • Aust Supreme Ch Mikulov Full Metal Jacket ET RN DWDF.S - Stanley
  • Aust. Grand Ch. Mikulov Fully Loaded
  • Mikulov Going Places E.T. (IID)
  • Mikulov Grand Theft Auto
  • Mikulov Harpers Bazaar
  • Mikulov Heaven Sent
  • Mikulov Hell Raiser
  • Mikulov Hellova Fella
  • Mikulov High Tech
  • Mikulov Highland Chivas
  • Mikulov Holy Smoke E.T.
  • Mikulov Hope In A Storm
  • Mikulov Iron Clad Alibi
  • Mikulov Jackaranda
  • Champion & Neuter Ch Mikulov Jingle All The Way RN ET JC HTM.S DWD.F - Jingles
  • Mikulov Kabus Dot Com (IID)
  • Mikulov Kabus Red Sun
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Kabus Star E.T. (IID)
  • Mikulov King Of The Road
  • Mikulov Living The Dream
  • Mikulov Logans Run
  • Mikulov Lotta Love
  • Mikulov Luv Me Tender
  • Mikulov Macho Man
  • Mikulov Magic Bullet
  • Mikulov Magic Bullet
  • Mikulov Magic Happens
  • Mikulov March To Glory
  • Mikulov Marvel At Maya
  • Mikulov Masked Beauty
  • Mikulov Merlins Dragon
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Merlins Magic E.T.
  • Mikulov Merlins Message
  • Mikulov Model In Mink
  • Mikulov Model T
  • Mikulov Modesty Blaise
  • Mikulov Mr Bright Star
  • Mikulov Munchkin
  • Mikulov My Turn To Dance
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov North Star
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Northern Lights E.T. (IID)
  • Mikulov Nyda (IID)
  • Mikulov O What A Feeling
  • Mikulov On The A List
  • Mikulov On The Wild Side
  • Mikulov Out Maneuver
  • Mikulov Out Of This World
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Outback Jack C.G.C. E.T. - Biggles
  • Mikulov Papabilis
  • Mikulov Partly Cloudy
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Patches C.D. A.D. E.T. J.D.
  • Mikulov Phantom Menace
  • Mikulov Pin Up Girl E.T.
  • Mikulov Powder Puff
  • Mikulov Queen Of Sheeba
  • Mikulov Queen Of The Desert
  • Mikulov Ratzinger
  • Mikulov Red See
  • Mikulov Rhea Rises
  • Mikulov Roger Ramjet
  • Mikulov Running With Scissors RN JC - Dicey
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Scarlett O Hara
  • Mikulov Shoot For The Stars
  • Mikulov Shooting Star
  • Mikulov Silva Star E.T.
  • Mikulov Snow Dashe
  • Mikulov Snow Dropping
  • Mikulov Snow Flurry
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Southern Star E.T.
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Spirit Oth Night
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Spirit Oth Night
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov St Elmos Fire E.T.
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Star Trek E.T. (IID)
  • Mikulov Stars In Heaven
  • Mikulov Starting Over
  • Mikulov Stolen Kiss
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Street Shooter E.T.
  • Mikulov Street Wise
  • Mikulov Sunny Side Up
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Sunset Manuva E.T.
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Super Model E.T.
  • Mikulov Sure Promise
  • Mikulov Take Me Home E.T. - Denver
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Takeover Target E.T. DWD.S. HTM.S. - Taxi
  • Mikulov The Dream Chaser
  • Mikulov The Fire Within
  • Mikulov The Hitch Hiker
  • Mikulov The Ice Dream
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov The Magics In Me
  • Mikulov Thief O Hearts
  • Mikulov This Is Living
  • Champion Mikulov This Is Now JC - Tristan
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Top Gun
  • Mikulov Tough Nut
  • Mikulov Twilight Blue
  • Mikulov Ucanbe A Kiwi
  • Mikulov User Friendly
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Virtual Reality E.T.
  • Mikulov Want More Bling - Luna
  • Mikulov Warm In Winter
  • Mikulov Waylaid Wolf E.T.
  • Mikulov Whats Not To Love
  • Mikulov Wheels On Fire
  • Mikulov White Collar Crime
  • Aust. Ch. N.Z. Ch. Mikulov White Fang E.T.
  • Mikulov White Water
  • Aust. Ch. Mikulov Winter Burn
  • Mikulov Winter Gold
  • Mikulov Zoom Zoom

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