2nd November 2013 — 28th Open Show


Best Exhibit in Show, Best Bitch

Australian Bred Class

Birindi Gypsy Driftin

RUBEIS, Runner up Bitch

Junior Class

Kazyon Masquerade (AI)

Best Dog

Veteran Class

Mekalani Spirit Of Shilo (AI)

Runner up Dog

Puppy Class

Nordicspirit Omega Man

Dog Classes

Baby Puppy Dog

  1. Taejaan Game of Thrones
  2. Opposite Baby Puppy In Show

Minor Puppy Dog

  1. No entries

Puppy Dog

  1. Nordicspirit Omega Man
  2. Best Puppy In Show
  3. Koolmove Son of a Dude

Junior Dog

  1. Canyonlands Wolfgang (AI)
  2. Opposite Junior In Show

Intermediate Dog

  1. No entries

Australian Bred Dog

  1. No entries

Open Dog

  1. No entries

Veteran Dog

  1. Mekalani Spirit Of Shilo (AI)
  2. Best Veteran In Show

Bitch Classes

Baby Puppy Bitch

  1. Taejaan Kissed by Fire
  2. Best Baby Puppy In Show

Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. Nordicspirit Lil Miss Perfect
  2. Best Minor Puppy In Show
  3. Illahee Moon Light Lady
  4. Koolmove Started Withs Wisper

Puppy Bitch

  1. Kabanae Angel Out Of Reach
  2. Opposite Puppy In Show

Junior Bitch

  1. Kazyon Masquerade (AI)
  2. Best Junior In Show
  3. Romeka Queen of the Night

Intermediate Bitch

  1. Mekalani Dream Caster
  2. Best Intermediate In Show

Australian Bred Bitch

  1. Birindi Gypsy Driftin
  2. Best Australian Bred In Show

Open Bitch

  1. Tutumaiao A Nordic Summer
  2. Best Open In Show

Veteran Bitch

  1. No entries

Special Classes

De-sexed Sweepstakes

  1. Mekalani Savanahs Dream
  2. Best De-sexed Sweepstakes In Show