26th September 2004 — 17th Championship Show


Best Exhibit in Show, Challenge Dog

Open Class

Am. Ch. Can. Ch. Coalvalley's Red Storm (Imp CAN)

RUBEIS, Challenge Bitch

Open Class

Aust. Ch. Sibelk Heavenly Connection

Reserve Dog

Open Class

Aust. Ch. Nordicspirit Blazeoglory

Reserve Bitch

Intermediate Class

Canyonlands Nite Fever (AI)

Dog Classes

Baby Puppy Dog

  1. Kabanae Fire Storm
  2. Opposite Baby Puppy In Show
  3. Kabanae Thunderstruck
  4. Krisaido Outlaw Kid

Minor Puppy Dog

  1. Illahee Dream Catcher
  2. Opposite Minor Puppy In Show

Puppy Dog

  1. Starscape Highlander
  2. Best Puppy In Show
  3. Kabanae Silver Ghost
  4. Atupaka Tai Golden Nugit

Junior Dog

  1. Utopialand Caesar (AI)
  2. Best Junior In Show
  3. Illahee Code Red
  4. Illahee Fleetwood Mac

Intermediate Dog

  1. Starscape Revolver
  2. Best Intermediate In Show
  3. Nordicspirit Obsession
  4. Trueartic Daytripper

Australian Bred Dog

  1. Aust. Grand Ch. Illahee Summer Fun
  2. Best Australian Bred In Show
  3. Aust. Ch. Lihuk Grand Entry E.T.
  4. Volku Cookies N Cream

Bitch Classes

Baby Puppy Bitch

  1. Schanata Ice Charmer
  2. Best Baby Puppy In Show
  3. Lihuk Edge of Time
  4. Krisaido Outlaws Starr

Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. Polarpeak Avalanche
  2. Best Minor Puppy In Show

Puppy Bitch

  1. Starscape Heartbeat
  2. Opposite Puppy In Show
  3. Mekalani Dasher
  4. Krisaido Bdazzled

Junior Bitch

  1. Illahee Bachelor Girl
  2. Opposite Junior In Show
  3. Utopialand Magic Shadow (AI)
  4. Utopialand Spice Girl (AI)

Intermediate Bitch

  1. Canyonlands Nite Fever (AI)
  2. Opposite Intermediate In Show
  3. Kristari's Crystal (Imp USA)
  4. Aust. Ch. Newtok Rashaun Riot E.T.

Australian Bred Bitch

  1. Aust. Grand Ch. Thundova Snow Princess
  2. Opposite Australian Bred In Show
  3. Aust. Ch. Illahee Destinys Child
  4. Mekalani Desert Fox

Special Classes


  1. Lihuk High Roller
  2. Best Own/Breed/Handle In Show


  1. Aust. Grand Ch. Thundova Snow Princess / Aust. Ch. Arcticpalace Snow Duchess
  2. Best Brace In Show

Veteran Sweepstakes

  1. Aust. Ch. Illahee Shooting Starr
  2. Best Veteran Sweepstakes In Show
  3. Aust. Ch. Weish Fast Faxit C.D. E.T. A.D.
  4. Chuckchi Sharra (Imp NZ)

De-sexed Sweepstakes

  1. Aust. Ch. Weish Fast Faxit C.D. E.T. A.D.
  2. Best De-sexed Sweepstakes In Show
  3. Norstarr Baffin
  4. Chuckchi Sharra (Imp NZ)

Sled Dog Sweepstakes

  1. Chuckchi Sharra (Imp NZ)
  2. Best Sled Dog Sweepstakes In Show
  3. Coldfoot Pepsi
  4. Chippewa Abes Exoddus

Property Classes

Best Head in Show

  1. Chynna The Ring Bearer

Best Ears in Show

  1. Illahee Stand N Deliver

Best Coat in Show

  1. Kabanae Silver Ghost

Best Tail in Show

  1. Mekalani Blitzen

Best Feet in Show

  1. Aust. Ch. Sibelk Striding Edge

Best Gait in Show

  1. Canyonlands Nite Fever (AI)