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  1. Skye Dobson & Jennie Lamond
  2. 1995
  3. Surrey Hills, VIC
  4. 0419 342 268
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Well, here we still are 21 years down the line since our first husky came home one September day back in 1995.

Somebody told me way back then that huskies were like potato chips - "you can't have just one". I mustn't have been paying attention!

Our dogs, past and present, enrich our lives immensely and are an integral part of the family at BijouIce. And through the SHCV, and in particularly through Companion Training, Social Sledding and Pet Walks we have met so many wonderful people whose friendship we truly value, and so many of these beautiful yet mischevious four-pawed wonders.

Whether it's on the trails, at one of the walks or members days, or at one of the dog shows that we occasionally find time to attend, we always look forward to meeting other club members and their huskies, and anybody else who takes an interest in this truly exceptional breed.
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