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Kody January 2019 Male   Age: 4
Photo of Rescue Dog Kody is an energetic and active 4yo who loves attention and pats.
His favorite activity is to go to the off lead dog park or beach and run as fast as he can for as long as he can.
He always comes back when you call him with a big smile on his face.
He isn't interested in balls or toys but loves to jump on top of something tall or hide under something and play games like hide and seek.
He will follow you around everywhere with his tail wagging and his blue eyes staring at whatever you are doing. He is happy as long as he's with you.
Kirra December 2018 Female   Age: 10 month
Photo of Rescue Dog Due to a break up of a relationship and neither of partner is now in a position to have her.

She's good on walks and knows to sit when you reach a road.

She is very good with kids as she was raised around my 4 year old and 4 cats.

She has been to puppy school and doesn't show any signs of food aggression.

We used to take her to dog parks and she was never aggressive to other dogs mainly just wanted to play with them.

She is very smart and easy to train new things to.
Ajax December 2018 Male   Age: 2 1/2
Photo of Rescue Dog On Hold

Hi Everyone,
Let me introduce myself, my name is Ajax and I'm 2 and a half years old.

I enjoy the company of other dogs and I also very much enjoy the company of people too. I really do enjoy wandering through cool farmers markets, sampling fine food, sitting at trendy cafes and visiting places where I'd get to meet lots of new human and doggy friends

I'd prefer it if my forever home included me in as many of their activities as possible as I love the car and getting out and about and we could share our adventures on social media (you'll need to type for me, please). I'm not all go and I'll happily sleep in on a lazy Sunday as we binge watch Netfilx or listen to music with you while I let you share the bed/couch. I really love cuddles and kisses from my humans and will give you plenty in return. My home should allow me time inside with the family as well as outside

Now I am a cool guy and believe the world is there to be explored so I will need decent 6 foot fencing and plenty of exciting toys in my yard to keep things on trend. I think I'm pretty clever and the idea of dog school to learn and make new friends sounds amazing, so if you could be my Uber driver to get me there that would be perfect, thanks.

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