Conformation Point Score

The S.H.C.V. Conformation Point Score is aimed at encouraging members to exhibit their dogs at a wider variety of venues than just at Bulla and Lyndhurst, thus enabling the public to view our breed and speak to owners and breeders.  Shows are chosen to provide exhibitors with the opportunity of competing at shows likely to have a mixture of local, interstate and overseas judges. They are held at various Victorian country locations and Melbourne metropolitan venues.

At the request of some of our showing members we are bringing back the SHCV Inc. 'Showing Pointscore' for 2012.

Paul Ferrier is our nominated Pointscore Officer. All results to be forwarded to Paul by e-mail.

If we are to successfully run and manage the Pointscore we require ALL (not just your own results) from the nominated Pointscore Shows, within two weeks from shows Paul is not present at. If results are not provided within two weeks post the conclusion of a nominated Pointscore Show, that show will then become ineligible in the Pointscore. The Club will not be chasing results from nominated Pointscore shows. The onus is on the exhibitors at those shows where Paul is absent to send in the full results within two weeks. Please be thorough with what you send through so that the tally at the end of the 2012 year is correct.


From the nominated Championship Shows, the best 10 scores you achieve for your dog/bitch will be taken into consideration for the final count (the Club's Championship Show must be one of those considered).

Points are awarded as follows:

Best of Breed: 16 Points Runner Up Best of Breed: 12 Points
Challenge: 8 Points Reserve Challenge: 4 Points
Class of Breed: 2 Points Class: 1 Point

Points for each show do not accumulate, ie. the maximum number of points awarded at each show is 16 for Best of Breed. Trophies/Plaques are awarded to the highest scoring dog and bitch at the Annual General Meeting. The scoring begins with the first nominated show for the calendar year and end with the last in that same year.

Nominated Point Score shows for 2018

Show # Date Show/Club Location
"L" denotes Local, "P" denotes KCC Park, "B" denotes Bulla Exhibition Centre, "S" denotes Showgrounds - Ascot Vale.

2018 Results Tally

Dog Point Score Total
Bitch Point Score Total

(*) No points allocated to dog owned by non-member or unfinancial member.
(#) Low score discarded as points accrued for in excess of 10 shows.


Puppy Point Score



The Puppy Point Score is only open to those members' dogs/bitches exhibited in Classes 3 and 3A. It is scored from the same shows as those nominated as Point Score shows (see above) as well as any other Championship Show at the Bulla or KCC Park venues.

It is the responsibility of the owners to notify the Show Secretary of results, except in the case of nominated shows as below, within the week. The highest score per show is 2 points, being for a Class of Breed win, and alternatively 1 point for a Class win. If, at the end of a calendar year, a puppy did not win the Puppy Point Score, the member may elect to carry over the points to the next year if the puppy is still eligible for puppy class (ie. Class 3/3A).

A trophy/plaque is awarded to the top scoring puppy at the Annual General Meeting.

2018 Results Tally

Puppy Point Score OtherTotal

(*) No points allocated to dog owned by non-member or unfinancial member.
(#) Low score discarded as points accrued for in excess of 10 shows.