Diet and Your Siberian

A dog's digestion is extremely adaptable to a wide variety of foods, but feeding need not be the complicated business that all too many people associated with dogs would have it be. Many diets are more suited to the owners than to their pets.

The following pages have been compiled from a variety of reliable sources for the exact purpose of giving you, the Siberian owner, the best possible information to enable you to have a healthy and well-maintained dog. If you are in any doubt regarding anything that may be written, please consult your veterinarian; because like many clubs, we care about the well-being of the dogs, and also want you to get the most from your Siberian Husky, we have tried to include only the most applicable information for your benefit.

Below is a listing of the sources where the club has obtained this information. The club initially made up a 'Health Sheet', which was sent to various veterinarians for their valued comments as we do not profess to be experts in any particular field, and certainly not in the complicated and diverse area of nutrition. After the club received back these comments the following 'final draft' was prepared in the light of these and is presented below.

Veterinarians consulted:

If anyone would care to see the original comments sent forward by these veterinarians, please contact the Secretary.

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