As with most animals, you cannot purchase a Siberian Husky, then just shut it in the back yard to feed and forget it. A Siberian Husky needs socialising and exercising. Running around the back yard is not enough, and if you plan to open your gate to let your dog roam at night (as some inconsiderate people do), think again. Siberian Huskies that will sit peacefully and laconically on your front porch with the gates open wide are very few and far between. Without exercise they become bored and destructive, as do most active breeds, so out comes the lead or harness and off you go!

His heritage has endowed him with the desire to run, and his conformation enables him to enjoy it effortlessly. Be warned one quick lope across a busy street could be his last run on this earth. They have no road sense and will most likely put their head down and ears up and run, and run until they are well and truly out of sight. Hence you must be extremely careful when letting them off lead.

A Siberian Husky is an extremely powerful dog, he is a natural athlete and requires vigorous exercise. The best exercise is to run them in harness attached to your bike or scooter. Don't fall victim to feeling sorry for the Siberian Husky being exercised under total control at all times – he does not need open unfenced areas for exercise.

Siberian Huskies have great strength and they should not be left solely in the care of young children.

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