Digging the odd hole, or three, or four, is something the Siberian Husky has a proclivity for. This too, may be outwitted, circumvented, or, if you have the right area, indulged.

Siberian Huskies will dig a hole in the summer to get to the cooler ground below, or in the winter after a run to snuggle down and keep warm and conserve energy. This is a survival instinct from their past – they curl up in holes for warmth and to shelter themselves from the winds and blizzards of Siberia.

Nesting   In the nest

A Siberian will landscape your yard, Siberian style of course. He will pull out plants, chew pots and the like. Avoid heartache and plan your landscaping with great detail. Have a separate area for the dog, or plan your garden around your dog.

A solution can be that you give your Siberian a place to dig. A plastic child's wading pool filled with sand can help your Siberian become more content and less destructive. You may bury a bone or treat in a sandpit area to train the Siberian to dig in that spot. Whatever you do, digging probably will never be eliminated totally.

Also, most Siberians love to play in a water-filled child's wading pool on a hot day. They will cool off by dipping their feet in and some even like to lay in the water.

Wading pool

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