The Siberian Husky is a comparatively easy dog to care for. He is by nature fastidiously clean and free from body odour. Siberians clean themselves like cats. The thick double coat repels dirt and a regular brushing will help to keep it in good condition. Bathing requirements are minimal. Many owners only bath their dog perhaps once a year.

At least once a year the Siberian Husky sheds his entire undercoat, and it is then that one realises the density and profusion of coat. This process can last up to six weeks from start to finish. Your whole house could be covered with hair, and most likely the very air you breathe will contain dog hair. All dead hair needs to be brushed out to enable quick, strong re-growth. A warm bath and blow dry will encourage the hair to drop out evenly and easily, making it easier to comb out. Some people feel that this periodic problem is easier to cope with than the constant shedding and renewal of many smooth coated breeds.

At other times, the Siberian needs very little grooming, no trimming of hair, just a brush to remove any dead hair to keep their coats bright and soft. Their nails should be clipped from time to time.

The Siberian Husky does get fleas if they are exposed to them. Adequate flea control is essential.


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