Siberian Huskies, unlike other breeds of similar size, have a highly efficient metabolism evolved from centuries of living in harsh arctic conditions. They only need a minimum amount of food – adult Siberian Huskies need only be fed once a day, and then only as much as they require to sustain them for that day. A working dog would need more than an inactive one. Today's high energy, low bulk dry foods make it very easy to feed a healthy diet. Do not overfeed them – excess weight is very hard to trim off and a leaner dog finds it easier to cope with our summer heat than an overweight one.

Whilst we don't recommend any particular brand of dog food, we would suggest that a good quality dry food be used together with some red meat. They also like carrots raw or cooked, fruit, and fish ie. tuna and the like. Siberian Huskies need a balanced diet and high in protein. Some dog foods do not meet the dietary needs of a husky. Avoid feeding your dog table scraps, unless of course it is meat or vegetables.

At no time should your dog have a cooked bone to chew. This could splinter in your dog's throat – huge vet bills will be incurred and possibly the risk of death. Raw chicken necks, raw shank bones and raw sheep neck bones are ideal for your husky to chew on and to help prevent the build up of tartar on the teeth.

You must have fresh clean water available to your Siberian Husky at all times.

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