Siberians Huskies are very social creatures and believers in social order. A Siberian's social system is a pack with a well defined pecking order. The leader of the pack is the alpha dog, or top dog. The leader gets to go first in everything, and other dogs respect the leader's wishes. Any dog that challenges the alpha's authority gets a swift physical reminder of where they are in the pack order.

In your family, the Siberian Husky considers all as alike – both dogs and humans. If you don't assert your own place as the pack leader, your husky will quite happily fill that vacancy. Many dogs fit easily into the lower levels of their human and dog pack and don't make waves. However there are some dominant huskies around who will challenge your every move, unless you are absolute alpha dog. Siberian Huskies respects an owner who is ultimate the boss of the pack, and look to that owner for leadership and guidance. If you step off your perch as alpha dog, you will have a dog that is unruly, disobedient and a nuisance to live with.

You can encourage your dog to become the alpha dog – over the whole family – without even realizing it. You treat your dog as equal to you and not as a subordinate. You give them special privileges, like sleeping on the couch or bed. You don't train your dog, and you let them get away with disobeying commands. In a real dog pack, only the alpha dog would get this kind of treatment. This makes the dog feel more dominant and in total control of the humans. Siberians are extremely clever at sensing when you are not in control and they will immediately take over. This behaviour is totally unacceptable and you will have to take immediate steps to become the alpha dog again which, if let go, will become a very long road of challenging training and probably a lot of upsetting times.

Just remember if your dog respects only one person in the family, the Siberian is still being dominant and you must take steps by way of training to have the dog returned to in his place at the bottom of the human families pack order, not at the top or somewhere in-between.

For us to become alpha leaders we must show an air of confidence, dignity, intelligence, gentle but firm and consistent training. A dog can sense this attitude almost immediately. Stand up straight and walk tall. Don't ask your dog to do something, tell him in a firm voice.

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