The more you learn about Siberian Huskies, the more you will understand their outlandish behaviour. For example their desire to dig holes, while appearing to be destructive, is not due to your dog's desire to be – it is instinct developed centuries ago from the need to make shelter, gather and store food and exercise.

There is even an explanation for the Siberian's casual indifference to obeying commands. The Siberian can easily sense any uncertainty or nervousness you may be experiencing and will quickly question your leadership of the pack. They have a pecking order and while some breeds will submit quicker than others, the Siberian will insist you prove to be a good leader and reliable before he accepts your dominance. The Siberian will always give freely his love and affection, however his respect must be earned.

You will learn to gain confidence and become skilled in handling the Siberian and you will acquire your own Siberian tricks and will eventually find your Siberian listening and even obeying.

Give lots and lots of love, plus proper care and training your Siberian will give you years of enjoyment and laughs, Siberian style of course.

The most important need of your Siberian Husky is your love and attention. Your dog may not always be fawning and demanding of attention, they are sometimes aloof and cat-like. Remember, though, the cute puppy will grow into an adolescent and then an adult dog that will go through a whole range of emotions and urges as well as physical changes, but it will still need and deserve your love and attention!

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