Training your Siberian Husky will be a very challenging experience. They are extremely intelligent, stubborn, energetic and their ears are 'painted on.' You must be ready for the unexpected. Huskies have a will of their own and will not care how long or how loud you yell. They must want to do as you ask.

Training should start when the dog is young. You should work to establish the rules of the house early, and make sure that the puppy knows that you are in charge. For example, if you do not want the dog on the bed as an adult, do not allow it as a puppy and never give in, even once, or the dog will think that all rules are flexible. The rule of thumb is that if you train a dog to do something, expect him to do it. Therefore, if the puppy learns that certain things are allowed, it will be difficult to train them not to do them as adults.

It is best to enrol in a puppy training class (or puppy kindergarten training as they are commonly known) soon after your dog is home and has all of its vaccinations. This training is good for the dog and for you as the owner, as it will help you understand your new puppy and establish you as the pack leader very early in the puppy's life, which is important with this breed. Once you have completed the puppy class, and have been working with the dog for a few months, a basic obedience class is in order.

Many owners will complain that their dogs act perfectly in class, but will not obey at home. This breed is intelligent enough to differentiate situations very well, and will apply different rules of behaviour for different situations. You must stay on top of the dog and maintain control, which is easier to do while the dog is of manageable size than with a stubborn, energetic adult that has been allowed to get away with undesirable behaviour for a long time.

Providing reward by way of food treats is often successful as they are very responsive to food. Make lessons brief and enjoyable, animate your voice. If one method doesn't produce the desired effect, try another, don't give up. Don't hesitate to ask advice from a professional trainer.

Siberian Huskies will naturally pull on the leash – again this is their natural instinct. To train a husky to heel will be a great challenge.

You must remember that your Siberian Husky is a working breed. Their heritage gives them the ability to run effortlessly and because of this they must never be allowed unrestrained freedom. Since a husky is a working dog, it must be given something to do. Be prepared to undertake obedience training for at least ten minutes every day in the backyard, aside from the normal doggy school. Exercise your dog on leash every day and spend time playing in the backyard with the family. If you think it is cruel to keep a Siberian confined and under control at all times, then don't buy one!

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