There is a deadly disease stalking your Siberian, a hideous thing just waiting its chance to steal your beloved Siberian. It is not a new disease, or one for which are vaccinations. The disease is called trust.

You know that your Siberian should never be allowed off lead, or allowed any escape routes, it has been drummed into your head, you know the consequences. You know to Siberian proof your home, put things out of reach, all doors and windows to be properly secured, signs up to close the door. It will become second nature don't let the dog out and constantly on the tip of your tongue. You never leave the door or window of your car open to enable your Siberian to jump out. Everything is going well and one day when off-guard your beloved Siberian will make that dash, even though you have put in the time training and teaching. You have become complacent, the door or gate has been left ever so slightly ajar and you have been affected by the disease called trust.

This disease builds up and when it happens the Siberian will spy the neighbours dog or cat or just the desire to run and he suddenly forgets everything he ever knew about not slipping out, jumping out of windows or coming when called.

He was stopped in an instant. Stilled forever. Your heart is broken as his still beautiful body.

The disease is trust. The final outcome hit by a car.

Please do not risk your best friend and your heart. Save the trust for things that do not matter.

Dog running on-lead on beach

Precis of an extended article by Sharon Mathers.
First published 1988 in Canine Concepts and Community Animal Control magazine