Here we're going to give you some advice and leads for your purchase enquiries. There are unfortunately a number of people breeding Siberian Huskies who are doing so more to make money than to promote the best interest of the breed, and many dogs going through the Siberian Husky Club of Victoria rescue programme are of these breeding lines and sold to people who didn't understand what they were getting in to. So here's some information to help you avoid this.

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Firstly, if you haven't already done so, read the introduction then go to our breed section and have a good read about the Siberian Husky breed. We want every Siberian Husky to be placed where it will be appreciated for its special qualities, and for every prospective purchaser not to be disappointed because they were not told of the dog's possibilities, good or bad. We cannot stress enough for prospective owners to research the breed in depth prior to making a decision to take on a dog such as the Siberian Husky, which is not just physically attractive but is also a lot of hard work. By doing this we will hopefully reduce the number of unwanted dogs coming through rescue & re-homing services. Please 'think ahead' – taking on a Siberian Husky is a long-term commitment!

Then have a read about a previous buyer's experience before deciding to commit.

Now you've made a decision to buy a Siberian Husky, the following informational resources will help you find the right puppy for you:

OK, read all that? Now it's time to talk with breeders:

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Want an older dog rather than a puppy?

And finally some pointers on looking after your new Siberian Husky when you get it home

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