Have you been honest with yourself and have decided that you would be the person to take up the challenge of a Siberian Husky and being able to care for a Siberian Husky adequately?

This is a verbatim transcript of a letter received by the Club in May 2001. The author requested that we bring it to the attention of people considering purchasing a Siberian Husky.

"Dear Jennie,

14 months ago I was excited to be bringing a new addition to our home; a Siberian Husky. Not having owned a pet before, I read about the breed and I rang a breeder to ask if this type of dog would be suitable for me. The breeder informed me that Huskies were great pets and that they were suitable for working people and didn't mind being left alone. He also told me that they did shed hair but only twice a year for a couple of days and as I wanted a pet that I could take for long walks a Husky would be ideal.

Even having been what I thought was cautious before bringing a Husky into my home, unfortunately things have not worked out and I am now going through the heartbreak of having to rehome my Husky. In reality I have found that Huskies are extremely affectionate, however mine is to the point where he does not like being left alone and hence was not a good choice for someone working full time. Loneliness leads to attention-seeking behaviour and enormous guilt on my part at having left him at home.

As for shedding hair, Huskies constantly shed hair which makes it difficult to allow them inside. I have also found that Huskies do like to walk - however at the expense of pulling off their owner's arms or many-a-time dragging their owner over. l am amazed by the strength that my Husky has. They are very headstrong and although they can be trained it takes a full commitment on the owner's part.

From my experience I have found that Huskies are loving dogs however they require a great deal of attention and discipline. They are definitely not a good choice for those who are not used to handling big dogs or who work full-time hours, and from what I have seen it would be more beneficial for Huskies to be brought up around other dogs. I have felt very guilty about rehoming my Husky, however I am surprised on talking to people at how many others have made the same error of judgement. If I had known 14 months ago the requirements needed to fully care for a Husky I would have changed my mind about bringing one into my home. I am writing this, not to turn people off the breed, but to hopefully make people realise that Huskies require special care and to advise people to be wise in their decision when purchasing a Siberian Husky."