There are good breeders and there are poor breeders. So how do you find a quality breeder and how do you know when you've found one?

Firstly, we strongly recommend that you choose a breeder who is a member of both the Victorian Canine Association Inc. (VCA) and the Siberian Husky Club of Victoria Inc., which is the official affiliated breed club to the VCA.

You can find out if a breeder is a member of the VCA by contacting their office on (03) 9788 2500. The Siberian Husky Club of Victoria Inc. maintains a public listing of breeders who are financial with that Club and have held continuous membership for 12+ months.

You can meet several breeders at the one time by attending dog shows or other events conducted by the Siberian Husky Club of Victoria Inc. and a wide variety of other canine clubs.

When seeking a new puppy, be vigilant when speaking to breeders. You will have to make a decision as to whether any particular breeder is a suitable choice to make a purchase from - this isn't necessarily an easy decision so we've armed you with a set of questions & tips that you may want to use as a starting point.

Puppies on sled   Cute puppy face

Experience with the breed

Motivation and purpose for breeding

Socialisation and temperament

The Rule of Sevens

By the time a puppy is seven weeks old, it should have:

  1. Been on 7 different surfaces: Carpet, Concrete, Wood, Vinyl, Grass, Dirt, Gravel, Wood Chips, Newspaper, etc.
  2. Played with 7 different types of objects: Big Balls, Small Balls, Soft Fabric Toys, Fuzzy Balls, Squeaky Toys Metal Items, Wooden Items, Paper/Cardboard Items, Milk/Soft drink Bottles, etc.
  3. Been in 7 different locations: Front Yard, Back Yard, Basement, Kitchen, Car, Garage, Laundry Room, Bathroom, Crate, Kennel, etc.
  4. Been exposed to 7 challenges: Climbed a box, Climbed off a box, Go through a tunnel, Climbed up steps, Climbed down steps, Climbed over obstacles, Played hide & seek, Go in & out of doorways with steps, etc.
  5. Eaten from 7 different containers: Metal, Plastic, Cardboard, Paper, China, Pie Plate, Frying pan, etc.
  6. Eaten in 7 different locations: Dog crate, Yard, Kitchen, Basement, Laundry room, Bathroom, Puppy pen, etc.
  7. Met and Played with 7 new people: including children & the elderly

Registration (pedigree) papers

After-sales support

Sales pressure

Age of the puppies

Beware of price comparisons