Where do the Club hold their functions. Are they all in Melbourne?

The Club holds functions both in Melbourne and the surrounding rural areas.

My Siberian Husky is a pet, not a show dog. Why should I join the Club?

The Club isn't just for breeders and show dog owners. We have many activities and interests for pet owners to enjoy

What does it cost to join the Club?

Annual fees range from $42.50 (Single) to $60 (Family), although there are discounts for VCA (Victorian Canine Association) members. Click here for a full schedule of rates.

I'm thinking of buying a Siberian Husky. Can you tell me more about the breed?

Can we ever! For a starter, see our breed information and puppy buyers' sections. Then if you have questions or want to discuss the breed in more detail, send us an e-mail or come along to one of our Club events & talk with the members!

I want a grey puppy with blue eyes. Do you have any for sale?

The Siberian Husky is one of the most awesome animals one can ever hope to own. But they are also strong, boundlessly athletic and have personality traits which can make them a difficult dog to manage, especially for first-time dog owners.

When selecting a pet dog, we recommend that you consider temperament, health and the level of after-sales support offered by the breeder all as more important considerations than the colour & markings of the puppy. Honestly, most people put colour at the top of their list but to be frank about it, at the end of the day would you prefer a dog of your colour preference with a difficult temperament around the house, or one with a great temperament which wasn't the ideal colour that you'd set your heart on.

Our Rescue & Rehoming programme is continually having to re-house dogs which were poorly chosen or selected by people who simply didn't understand what they were getting into and fell for the "cute silver-grey blue-eyed puppy" without properly researching their purchase. Think hard about that one before rushing in primarily on a colour-based choice.

See our puppy buyers' section for more detailed information on selecting a breeder and your puppy.

Do you sell Siberian Huskies - or if not, can you put me in touch with people who do?

We don't sell puppies but many of our members are breeders of Siberian Huskies and do sell direct to the public. If you're looking for a puppy then see our puppy buyers' guide which includes a listing of our member breeders plus listing of any puppies which we have been notified are currently available by these kennels.

Our Rescue & Rehoming programme does assist with re-homing of adult Siberian Huskies and often has dogs available for sale. If you're interested in an older Siberian Husky (which can range in age from six months to several years) then start here.

Regretfully, I'm not able to keep my Siberian Husky. Can you find another home for it?

Our Rescue & Rehoming programme may be able to assist you, but you'll need to contribute to the work needed for a successful outcome. Start here.

My Siberian Husky keeps escaping from my yard - how do I keep it confined?

Siberian Huskies are the best escape artists of all time - even the best cared-for dog may get loose, never to be seen again. They can get through microscopic holes, scale six foot fences with the grace of a gymnast, break tie-out chains and above all slip collars that even Harry Houdini would be amazed of. A Siberian Husky will be miles away from home within a very short space of time.

You l need a yard that is fully fenced at least six foot tall, with no escape routes over, through or under the fence. Wire dug into the ground will discourage digging out [more on this].

Husky owners must build strong enclosures and constantly check for that small hole, loose fencing or that gleam in your dogs eye that says, 'I know something that you don't.' The words 'escape proof' are not in the Siberian Husky's vocabulary.

I can't let my Husky off lead because it runs away. Can it be trained to come when called?

This is quite normal behaviour for a Siberian Husky. Although there are exceptions, Siberian Huskies have a well-deserved reputation for being difficult dogs to train for recall. Your dog has probably learned 'selective deafness' over time as it has received the huge reward of freedom by ignoring your call to return. Also, chasing after your dog after it bolts is a huge game for the dog, and the dog gets an opportunity to dictate terms & lead the action which counters your ability to be an effective pack leader.

There are training techniques which can help address this situation, but if you've let your dog get into this situation several times already then you've really got an uphill battle to remedy the problem.

Even if your dog will come to you reliably in most situations, there will always be times where the training 'goes out the window' and it's likely to be in exactly the wrong situations - eg chasing off after the neighbour's cat with no regard to road traffic. We recommend that you only let your Siberian Husky off-lead in strictly controlled environments where it can come to no harm.

See also this article for a further insight, or contact our trainer if you want more information.

My Siberian Husky drags me around the neighbourhood when we go for walks. Can I train it not to pull?

Pulling against a load is instinctive behaviour for Siberian Huskies, with a long heritage of working sleddog life. With proper training, it can be overcome, or at least made manageable. Contact our trainer for specific advice.

I want to try my hand at dog sledding but don't know where to start.

Come along to one of our race meetings to observe what goes on and find out what equipment you need or contact the Social Sledding co-ordinator for specific advice.

Where can I buy harnesses, scooters etc. for dog sledding?

There are several sled dog outfitters listed on the Social Sledding page.

I'm trying to contact or find the breeder of my Siberian Husky. Can you help me?

If the kennels are a member of our Club, their details may be listed on our member breeder register. Failing this, if you know the kennel name or location, you could try contacting the Victorian Canine Association for assistance.

Excepting the publically available information on our member breeder register, we are unable to provide you with the private contact details for our members.