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  1. Heheakwaamu Nikky
  2. 3100180174
  3. Storm
  4. Active
  5. Female
  6. 24 Jan 2007
  7. Yes Australian Bred
  8. Heheakwaamu Thunder
  9. Atauvaa Faiza
  10. Wolf grey
  11. Yes Siberian Husky
  12. No Competes in dog shows
  13. Yes Competes in sled dog events
  14. Jake Greaves
  15. Heheakwaamu kennels
Dog Profile
Storm is the newest member to our family and is a very little girl but she wants to do very big things. she is very keen to join every one els in harness but cant quite keep up yet, but im sure she will be on the tracks for the 08 seson.
Show Placings
Note that only SHCV Inc. conformation shows since 2000 are recorded.
Race Placings
Note that only SHCV Inc. Social Sledding races since 2004 are recorded.
  • 10 May 2008  2008 Race 1 - Class: 1 Dog (Dual Heat)
    • Awarded 14th place (overall ranked 18th). Driver: Jake Greaves

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