Pawprints is the Club's official newsletter, which is mailed quarterly to all members. In addition to information on past and forthcoming Club events, Pawprints has informative articles on the breed, canine health, training and activities for you and your Huskies to enjoy. We endeavour to provide valuable and interesting information in each issue.

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Editorial policy

If you would like to contribute an article for Pawprints, please contact us by e-mail.

  1. All submissions to Pawprints must be accompanied by a name, contact phone number and address. They are preferred typed to avoid misinterpretations, however, handwritten ones will be accepted if legible.
  2. All articles, artwork and reports will state the name of the person submitting them, unless anonymity is specifically requested.
  3. Unless there is a specific request not to alter the article, submissions may be altered at the Editor's discretion, with respect to spelling, grammar, misinformation, layout etc.
  4. The Editor reserves the right to hold over any submissions for future editions, as well as the right to refuse any submissions – but not before consulting Committee.
  5. Acceptance of advertisements does not necessarily imply the Club's endorsement of the advertiser, the product or associated parties.
  6. Opinions expressed in articles are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the SHCV inc. The SHCV inc. can not be held responsible for opinions expressed in articles published in Pawprints.

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