Hi and welcome to the Pet Walks page. We are always looking for members to help run walks so if you are interested then please send us an email via our Contacts page.

Pet walks are open to all members of the Club and are held monthly at a wide variety of locations throughout Greater Melbourne and the surrounding countryside. Walks are usually held on the third Sunday of each month and start at around 10am, although there are exceptions to this, so pay attention to the details for each particular walk. Walks are normally 2–3 hours long and we will provide details on the terrain well in advance.

We are always thrilled to hear from Club members with suggestions for walks they'd like to see scheduled so please let us know if your favourite walking spot is not here. If we use your idea then please come along and help us host that walk so the Club gets the most out of your suggestion.

There are only a couple of rules that Club members are asked to adhere to, the most important being the on- and off-lead restrictions. If an area is on-lead only it is imperative that everyone complies to avoid any unwanted attention. Members must always clean up after their dog so if you forget a plastic bag then don't be afraid to ask another member for one. Lastly, if you know your dog has "work in progress" social skills then please speak up and let other members know to give your dog space. No one will mind!

We look forward to catching up with you and your huskies soon!

Metro walk

Metro Melbourne

Bush walk

Bush walking in the countryside

Beach walk

We usually hold at least one beach walk per year

Snow walk

Alpine snow walking, a rare treat in winter!

Forthcoming events

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Cancellation Policy

The following applies to all monthly pet walks unless otherwise stated.

Pet walks will be cancelled when certain inappropriate weather has been forecast for the date the walk is scheduled. The relevant forecast to use is from the Bureau of Meteorology website on the evening before the walk is happening (eg, if the walk is occurring on April 22nd then the relevant forecast is the one issued in the evening of April 21st). This is the only weather forecast to refer to.

Inappropriate weather is defined for Club purposes as the following:

  1. For coastal walks, any maximum temperature above 35 degrees and for inland walks any maximum temperature above 33 degrees.
  2. For all walks, where extreme inclement weather like storms or heavy rainfall is forecast for the entire day regardless of the season.

If in doubt then please call one of the walk co-ordinators for further clarification. All walks will be classified as either a coastal or inland walk to prevent confusion.

Photos from recent events

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Photos from walks in 2009-2011 coming soon.

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