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About SHCV rescue

The Siberian Husky Club of Victoria provides a non-profit rescue and re-homing service for stranded Siberian Huskies in Victoria, Australia. The Club finds a new loving, life-long home for unwanted Siberian Huskies. We make every effort to match a dog with prospective owners, taking into account:

Rescue dogs are sourced from animal shelters, local council rangers etc. Where possible, the Club provides foster care for such dogs while they are waiting for a suitable home. While dogs remain in our care pending a new home, we provide vet care, socialisation, and any required training. All rescue dogs will be de-sexed, vaccinated and wormed prior to adoption/re-homing (although puppies too young to be de-sexed at the time of adoption must be de-sexed by the adopting party before the puppy reaches six months of age).

Re-homing - We strongly encourage breeders of Siberian Huskies to provide ongoing support and care for their breeding progeny, In particular, where a purchaser is subsequently unable or unwilling to keep their dog, we encourage breeders to accept a return of the dog back into their care for subsequent re-homing. We will assist our Club members' kennels to find a suitable ongoing home for returned dogs.

We can also assist with the re-homing of dogs directly from our members' private households. There are several levels of assistance possible, from providing basic advice on how you can re-home your own dog, through to finding and facilitating the transfer to a new home on your behalf. It is required that the dog can continue to reside with the original owner until a suitable home can be found. We can only accept dogs which are already de-sexed and vaccinated to a C5 level.

We are not a boarding kennel - that is, we are not in the business of temporarily housing dogs while their owners are on vacation etc. There are many reputable businesses which provide boarding kennel services, and be aware that advance booking is usually required for these at busy times of the year. Our own resources are dedicated to rescue & re-homing services only.

While nominal charges are levied for our services, these only cover the operating cost of our foster and veterinary care, transportation and other such expenses. The program is run and administered by Club members solely on a volunteer (ie 'no pay') basis.

We have successfully re-homed many dogs since the service was established in the mid 1990's. However, our resources are limited and can often be stretched. We don't have a dedicated premises - the service is run from (and rescue dogs are fostered in) our own volunteer's back yards. In times of over-load, our priorities (in order) will be:

  1. Serving the best interest of our own Club members and their kennels.
  2. Rescue of dogs sourced from shelters etc on a fixed 'time limit.'
  3. Re-homing dogs from private households where the dog continues to reside at the original home until a new home can be found.
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