Adoption - If you're thinking of adopting a stranded Siberian Husky

Firstly, we cannot stress enough for prospective adoptees and/or potential new owners to research the breed in depth prior to making a decision to take on a dog such as the Siberian Husky, who is not just physically attractive but is also a lot of hard work. By doing this we will hopefully reduce the number of unwanted dogs coming back through services such as this. So please 'think ahead' - taking on a Siberian Husky is a long-term commitment! Don't make hasty decisions about the pretty mischievous faces before you.

If you are interested in adopting a dog from our service, then we need to collect some information from you so that we can match your environment and requirements with those of available rescue dogs.

You may have a particular dog in mind already - from the list of those available on our web site. Your preference will be considered; however we will not re-home a dog unless we are reasonably confident in a successful outcome, so it is necessary for us to profile both the dog and potential home to check their compatibility. If there is no suitable dog immediately available, we can hold your details on file and contact you when a new rescue is received which matches your situation.

The Club is a non-profit organisation, however a standard fee of $270-00 is payable for an adoptive dog (For puppies under nine months old contact us). This supports our service by helping to cover our operating costs (food, foster and veterinary care, transportation etc.) and allows us to keep the service alive.

Note that all rescues are vaccinated, de-sexed and wormed before leaving for their new home. Puppies too young to be de-sexed will be fostered (potentially by a future adoptive home) until such time as they can be de-sexed prior to adoption.

Note that we are only able to assist with rehoming dogs currently resident in the State of Victoria, Australia. If you are resident elsewhere in Australia, you are welcome to use this service, however you may have to provide for transportation of the dog from Melbourne. If you reside overseas, there are many other organisations providing a rescue service for Siberian Huskies ... see the further information section for a start.

Non-members adopting a Siberian Husky through the Club’s Rescue & Rehoming program will receive a complimentary new membership to the Club for the current year (or, from 1st October, for the next year also as per the Club’s standard practice for new membership approvals). This complimentary membership may be any of a Single, Dual or Family membership, as best suits the adopting household. The purpose of this membership is to provide Club support to people adopting a Siberian Husky. Provision of complimentary membership does not apply where the adopting person(s) is/are already a member of the Club.

Adoption may include a two-week settling "trial period" during which, if the placement does not prove suitable, the dog may be returned to the Club. The adopting person(s) must pay all adoption fees & charges at the commencement of such period. If the trial is unsuccessful then the full monies for adoption fees will be refunded by the Club.

Please start by filling in the adoption request form and let us know what sort of dog you are looking for and what environment you are able to provide.

The program is run and administered by Club members solely on a volunteer (ie 'no pay') basis. So please be patient as it may be some time before you receive a response to your submission.

Currently waiting for new home

Foster Carers Needed January 2017 Male   Age:

The Siberian Husky Club of Victoria requires more foster cares currently as are current foster cares would like to have a short break from fostering.

The number of dogs we can bring into rescue depends on the amount of foster space we have available. We never have a shortage of dogs needing rescue, and for some, we are their only chance at a second chance. Foster homes are our greatest asset and the resource we need the most. The Siberian Husky Club can provide you what you may need to house your foster dog this maybe crate, bedding, food and medical care and you provide the love and caring and safe home until they find their furever home.
ALL enquiries to be made directly to our rescue coordinator David via our Facebook site or website or you can contact David Wawrzyniuk on 0407 414 948).
Paddy March 2018 Male   Age: 1 yr
Photo of Rescue Dog Paddy has found a furever home

This handsome guy is Paddy.

We think his name was patty but we decided that he was due for some luck and a chance to find that wonderful forever home at the end of the rainbow so Paddy it became.

Paddy’s story hasn’t had the best of starts and we don’t think he’s had much socialisation and possibly not a lot of loving. For whatever his past owners reason, something about pigeons being tasty (come on, he’s a dog and a Husky at that) he was taken to the vet to be put down.

But actually that was the day Paddy’s luck changed!
He was noticed by a rescuer and the vet clinic were also aware of his situation so they sprang into action, with everyone aware they only had that day to get him safe. Luckily for him while he was at the vets he was signed over to them instead and promptly desexed and vaccinated.

We received a call that morning which was followed by a mad scramble by us and a bit of luck with the traffic later, Paddy was safely in a car relay off to temporary foster in the nick of time. At only 12mths old he definitely deserves a second chance.

From all reports he was good for the vet staff, quite while he was waiting, walked nicely on his lead and the first thing he did when we met him was to lean in for a scratch, bit of a charmer to be sure.

He needs a foster career who understands the breed and is happy to work with this cutie to give him the help he needs in over coming his not so great start. Ideally he’d suit a foster home without young children, he’ll appreciate help in getting used to feet, tails and sensitive parts being touched and without another dog while he learns all about the world.

Could you be the one who special human who captures the heart of this lucky leprechaun?
Karma June 2018 Female   Age: 2
Photo of Rescue Dog The SHCV rescue team are thrilled to announce that Kara, (formerly known as Karma) has safely delivered a whole 8 dog teams worth of puppies!!

The puppies arrived two weeks ago however we have waited until now to announce it just to make sure all is well.
There are 5 females and 3 males and both Mum and pups are doing well in the expert foster care of an experienced breeder. She’s being an attentive and caring Mum and doing a great job of keeping them all fed and clean, which isn’t helping the humans attempting to keep ID collars and marks on them all lol

A much better outcome for her than whelping in a cold pen in the pound!

Photos will be shared shortly

At this stage we are only taking expressions of interest. This will need to be done via our website and email,

If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please start by filling in the adoption request form.

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