Assistance for breeders

We strongly encourage breeders of Siberian Huskies to provide ongoing support and care for their breeding progeny, In particular, where a purchaser is subsequently unable or unwilling to keep their dog, we encourage breeders to accept a return of the dog back into their care for subsequent re-homing.

We realise this is a heavy responsibility for kennels to undertake and that kennel owners may have difficulty in finding suitable homes for older dogs.

To assist in this endeavour, the Club will assist its own members' kennels by finding a suitable home from our list of interested adoptees. The actual transfer/adoptive arrangements are then made directly between the Club member and the new home. There is no charge for this service.

To make use of this service, call the rescue co-ordinator between 8am and 9pm, or send us e-mail (Our rescue co-ordinator's phone number is printed on the inside front cover of your Pawprints magazine.)

How can we better assist you in your rehoming efforts? Responsible breeders carry a heavy obligation when it comes to their breeding progeny. We encourage your efforts and want to help. Please send us your suggestions or ideas.

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