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It has been a busy year for rescue was quite a number of dogs coming in to rescue it all have found homes in the 2018 year

Shadow was adopted by Paul Adamson's is enjoying her new life on the beach and on the couch

Bella was adopted by the Trevethan of the family as a companion to their other Husky

Anthrax was adopted by Claire as a companion for her dog Jake and is now called and Anna. She is doing very well and having a run of the house and the yard.

Paddy was adopted by the Chalmers family as companion for their other dog Bel it is doing very well in his new home.

Slayer was adopted by a very nice couple who had a Husky from us previously. He has a couch and a doggie bed in the garaged during the day. Soon as his new owners come home the has a couch inside the house to sleep on'

Storm was adopted by the O'Hara family and has become a much loved family pet.

Kirra was adopted by the Peucker family is enjoying the indoor life to the fullest with plenty of walks loves and cuddles and having to share the house with a couple of cats.

Kody was adopted by the Williams family as a companion for their other dog and has become a much love member of the family.

The big project for the year for the club was of a dog called Karma who was renamed Kara coming in to rescue who was pregnant and ended up having eight pups five boys and three girls all who were adopted by loving families and are doing very well.

A very big thank you has to go out to Cheryl Smart and Leanne Carey for running to the vets with Kara and the pups and sitting up late whelping the pups and looking after Kara and everything else that needs to be done to bring puppies into the world and rehome them.

Karma now known as Kara was adopted by the Heagney family as a companion for their other dog that is doing very well in her new home is a much loved member

Puppy 1

Rose was adopted by one of our members.

Puppy 2

Red Collar Male now named Comet by his new owners the Newson family.

Puppy 3

Pink Collar Female now named - Delta was adopted by Michael Krushka

Puppy 4

Black Collar Female - now named Willow was adopted by Krystal Enright as a companion to her two other Huskies and is enjoying life to the fullest and occasionally has a play date with her sister Rose.

Puppy 5

Green Collar Female - now named Kenai was adopted by the Berry family who adopted Noori from us in 2017. Jules Berry

Puppy 6

No Collar Male now named Rupert was adopted by the Gresswell family.

Puppy 7

No Collar Female - now named Mischka was adopted by the Buchanan family.

Puppy 8

Blue Collar Male now named Loki was adopted by the Thanas family as a companion for their dog Miscka. Couple times a week Loki gets to go to doggie day-care and occasionally has play dates with his sister Rose.

Rescue is also helped number of people who approached the club to rehome their dogs that had problems that they couldn't or didn't know how to deal with the issues and by all reports have been very happy to be able to keep their dogs.

I would also like to thank Briar for addressing behavioural issues and talking to various people about their problems with their dogs so they did not have to be rehomed.

Rescue Coordinator

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