Surrender - If you are unable to keep your Siberian Husky

The terms & conditions of our re-homing program

Please read this carefully - don't skip over sections & don't assume that stuff written here doesn't apply to you 'because you're in a special or unique situation.' (We've heard that line too many times to count.) It is important that you understand how our program works, and what we will & won't do for you before we go any further. (If, like many other people, you do skip over this stuff without reading it, then we're going to be very annoyed & uncooperative when we find out later on!)

First, a little about us...

This program is run by the Siberian Husky Club of Victoria Inc., a not-for-profit organisation that exists primarily to promote, & educate people about, the Siberian Husky dog.

The Rescue & Rehoming program is run & administered by volunteers in their spare time & out of their own backyards. We're not a business, we don't have dedicated facilities, we don't get charity income or government grants for this work, and we do have full-time day jobs and all the other family commitments that most people have.

Given these constraints, we make every effort to find unwanted Siberians a new loving, life-long home. But we can't do it all by ourselves, so...

...then a little about you...

You're coming to us with a problem - for one reason or another, you're unable to keep your Siberian Husky. You're probably looking at your options for finding your dog another home. Maybe you're looking for a better alternative than your local RSPCA or animal shelter - and let's face it, many dogs dropped off at shelters don't find new homes and are euthanised when their time runs out.

You're not our 'customer' who we are obliged to serve. You are a person needing assistance who we may be able to help.

You may think that your situation is particularly special, unique or difficult. Well, we hate to disappoint you, but many many people seeking our help claim this. Some very common reasons people call us for help are:

(As an aside, many of these reasons can be managed with a little effort without having to re-home the dog.)

How our program works

The service that we offer requires your active participation in preparing your dog for re-homing, and finding your dog a new home. It is aimed at helping those who care about their dog's ongoing welfare, and who want to 'go the extra mile' to find a great new home for him or her. If you're after a 'quick fix' and don't care too much about what happens to the dog after it's left (or whether it lives or dies), then we're not going to be very supportive of your needs (goodness knows why you bought a dog in the first place!)

Our re-homing program works on several fronts:

Note that this program is about re-homing dogs - that is, a permanent change of ownership. We are not a boarding kennel - that is, we are not in the business of temporarily housing dogs while their owners are on vacation, building a house, getting new fences etc. There are many reputable businesses which provide boarding kennel services, and be aware that advance booking is usually required for these at busy times of the year. You may think they're expensive, and we provide a cheaper solution to your problem. But no, that is the price of responsible dog ownership. Our own resources are dedicated to rescue & re-homing services only.

What you need to do

Firstly, read about your alternatives & how to prepare your dog for adoption.

Secondly, call the person you got your dog from and ask for help.  Even if several years have passed, responsible breeders care about the puppies they sold and will want to help you find a new home. They may even take the dog back.  At the very least, they deserve to know what you intend to do with the Siberian Husky and what will happen to it.  If you can't remember the breeder's name, look on your dog's registration papers, or as a last resort we may be able to help locate the breeder given some details about your dog.  If you got your dog from an animal shelter or rescue service, read the adoption contract you signed when you adopted him.  You may be required by the contract to return the dog to that shelter.

Third, if (and only if) the first two avenues of assistance prove unfruitful, register your dog with us for adoption. But first, read the rest of this page for details of what is required here.

Prior to registering your dog for adoption CALL our Rescue Coordinator whose details can be found in the contact us section of this website to discuss the rehoming process and alternatives. To register your dog with us for adoption:

Terms & conditions of our direct assistance program

Prior to registering your dog for adoption CALL our Rescue Coordinator whose details can be found in the contact us section of this website to discuss the rehoming process and alternatives. To register your dog with us for adoption:

After, and only after, reading & acting on everything above and SPEAKING to the RESCUE COODINATOR, fill in the registration form. It may take us several days to receive & process this application. Don't badger us with lots of demanding e-mails in the mean time, that'll just waste our very limited time & annoy us. We will receive your form but we're not hardwired to our PC screen!

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