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In Victoria we get very little snow, and access to the snow fields (mostly in National Parks) is restricted.  Hence most of our competitions are based on dirt tracks using wheeled gigs and scooters. The scooter is standard equipment for most of the 1-dog and 2-dog classes.  Larger classes use several types of gigs.

1-dog team

1-dog class

2-dog team

2-dog class

The Club runs our Social Sledding programme each year during the autumn & winter months. The programme consists of a series of workshop and racing events, conducted during weekends - usually Saturday afternoon/evening through to Sunday morning. The weekends provide a relaxed, yet competitive, environment that are a fantastic introduction to the sport of dog sledding. Our events are held at a variety of bush locations, mostly within a 90 minute drive from central Melbourne.

Social Sledding has proven very popular over the years, for newcomers and experienced mushers alike. It's a fantastic way to exercise your dogs, and an opportunity to get together with other Siberian Husky owners for a great weekend away. For newcomers, we can provide all the pointers you'll need to get started in the sport. Best of all, the dogs love it too!

4-dog team

4-dog class

Pee Wee team

Pee wee class for the younger mushers!

This season's events


The SHCV Inc welcomes all newcomers and members to our FREE workshop and social/training weekend.

Come along and learn about:

What you need:

Date: 17th April 2021
Venue: Knowsley State Forest
Contact: Scott by e-mail

Note we will now have starter kits and some equipment available for purchase at workshop or from club races.

COVIDsafe Plans

COVIDSafe Social Sledding plan

COVIDSafe Dogs Victoria Plan for Social Sledding 2021

COVIDSafe event registration for Race 4 2021


Race # Date Name Location
1 15–16 May 2021 Race 1 Wellsford
2 5–6 Jun 2021 Race 2 Longbush
3 26–27 Jun 2021 Race 3 Knowsley
4 31 Jul–1 Aug 2021 Race 4 Longbush
5 28–29 Aug 2021 Race 5 (Cup Weekend) Kingower

Click on the location above to view a map & instructions for how to get there
Unlike in previous years, race entry must be completed in advance due to COVID-19 tracking requirements! - see below

We hope to also have canicross and bikejoring as single heat classes (1-dog) at some races this year and our Cup weekend (trail and temperature permitting)! We had some great entries and fun in Canicross last year. We are happy to continue trialling these classes IF there is sufficient committed interest so please let us know if you are keen. They are fun classes and will also provide an opportunity for people to get out on the trails with some of their dogs that may not have had a sledding run over the weekend, or for new people who don't want to give sledding a go at the moment but are keen to have some fun on the bush trails with their dog/s. Further information will be provided closer to race dates.

Please note that the sled race calendar is getting busier every year with more and more Open races. From late June through to mid Aug there are now Open races every weekend therefore it is now impossible to avoid a clash whilst still giving our own members who only run at Club events an opportunity to still do so during this winter period and in the lead up to our Cup race at the end of August. Since we are unable to avoid a clash in this period, we have tried to choose the race weekend that will impact the least number of our members. We know some members will be disappointed but hope you can understand how busy and short our season is. Please remember if you choose to miss one Club Race you will not be disadvantaged in our Pointscore.

For further information on Social Sledding events, please
contact Scott by e-mail with your question.

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Help & guides

Some resources to get you started

Race times

These times are for SHCV Social Sledding races; other clubs have their own requirements.

Entry fees

NOTE TO RACE IN 2021 YOU MUST BE A CLUB MEMBER, THIS IS REQUIRED FOR US TO MANAGE COVID-19 TRACKING EFFECTIVELY. If you are not a currently financial club member and wish to enter sledding events with us in 2021, please go here for membership application forms.

Entry fees as follows:

Click here for online registration forms which must be completed by the Monday prior to race weekend.


See the Novice's Sledding Guide (above) to get started. Note that for Club races you will need battery-operated lighting (headlamp) for the night heat, especially 2, 4 & 6 dog classes. If it's cold enough to start at 5pm, 1 dog mushers will probably be able to get away without lights required, but please don't rely on that! Please see SHCV race rules for other compulsory items of equipment.

Sled dog outfitters in Victoria:



Non-Husky entries

Breeds other than Siberian Huskies are welcome & encouraged to compete in our Social Sledding race events, although only Siberian Huskies are eligible for point score, sash & trophy awards. Obviously your dog must be athletically inclined!


Socialising around the campfire

Driver's meeting

The pre-race driver's meeting

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Other race clubs

There are several other sled dog racing clubs in Victoria & interstate. Most clubs (other than the breed clubs) stage only one event per year, however these are large meetings which attract competitors from several states. Many of these race clubs are affiliated with ASSA, the Australian Sleddog Sports Association.

The biggest event on the Australian sled dog calendar is the snow-based Altitude 5000 Sled Dog Challenge. Generally held on the second weekend in August at the Dinner Plain alpine village, this exclusive event is a once-in-a-year opportunity to race sled dogs on snow. Teams competing in this event must have first competed in several dirt-track races to gain experience.

2-dog snow team

Altitude 5000 - 2 dog class

4-dog snow team

Altitude 5000 - 4 dog class

Refer to the following websites for more information about events organised by other clubs


Australian Sleddog
Sports Association


Western Australian Sleddog
Sports Association