What we're about

Companion training is not about formal sits, stays and heels; rather it's about dogs and their owners communicating and living together in harmony.

Class of 2001

2011 class schedule

Unfortunately, the Club has no current plans to provide training classes in 2011 however if you are willing & able to assist us with providing these then please send us e-mail here.

In the meantime, we refer you to the list of obedience clubs below.

Congratulations to our Good Husky Citizen recipients

Congratulations to the following dogs & handlers who have achieved the Good Husky Citizen or Good Husky (Puppy) Citizen over the last several years. This certificate is attained by achieving a pass grade in each of 11 tests conducted by the Club, which test for a handler's effective control of their companion dog in a variety of social situations.

Good Husky Citizen recipients
Nikita Amarook Cody Phantom
Handler: Jennie Lamond
Handler: Brier Gough
Handler: Ian Dobson
Handler: Sandra Schafer
Good Husky (Puppy) Citizen recipients
Otto Dusty
Handlers: Aaron & Amber Davies
Handler: Michelle King

Lastest report   as at July 2006

After leading our Companion Training program for the last ten years, Jennie and Ian are taking an extended break following the arrival of their first child this year. The weekly training classes in Donvale have concluded for 2006 and will be replaced by alternative arrangements as from next year.

Thanks for all the wonderful dogs & dedicated owners who have enriched our lives over the last several years. Those who have persevered with training have been rewarded by owning some delightful well-behaved canine companions. Here is a montage of photos from Companion Training, compiled over the last six years (2000-2006); just a few of the many dogs & handlers who have participated in our program.

Bernie and Gemma  Cotton and Jade  Tango
Deakin  Mystique  Jade
Tika  Cody  Blaze
Class of 2000  Amarook
Dakota  Ice  Dusty
Kaisha  Dusty  Sahara  Dusty
Nikita  Otto  Brier and Simba  Bridgette

Other obedience clubs

There are many positive training obedience clubs in Victoria. We have supplied a list of some non-profit clubs below. You might find them more convenient to your location. There are also many private trainers and training clubs, so take to the internet if you can't find one of the below in your local area. www.k9events.com is one of many web sites which supply lists of trainers.

Positive Training Non-profit Clubs
Bacchus Marsh Obedience club Terry or Heidi (03) 5369 5178
Croydon and District Obedience Dog Club Inc. Information
Puppy pre-school enquiries
(03) 9723 7194
(03) 9846 5360
Eastern Suburbs Obedience Dog Club Ms Andrea Sciberras (03) 9877 1528
Keilor Obedience Dog Training Centre Information & Club rooms (03) 9338 1754
Mornington Obedience Dog Club Inc. Enrolments (03) 5977 5396
Sherbrooke Obedience Dog Club Inc. David Hutson (03) 9802 6463
Sunbury Helen Weedon 0417 512 049
Western Port Obedience Dog Club Inc. Secretary (03) 9799 9325
Southside Dog School (Cheltenham) Sandy Shepard (03) 9557 1300
Ovens Valley Canine Club (Myrtleford) Jenny Judson (03) 5756 2271
Bairnsdale & District Obedience Club Inc. Ms Sarah Mlynarz (03) 5157 9351
Murray Valley Obedience Club Inc. (Mildura) Mrs G McDermott (03) 5025 7337